2012 Campaign FAQs 
  • What is the campaign?
    It is our 2012 Annual Giving Campaign, our annual effort to generate support through individual giving, fundraising events, and foundation and corporate gifts.  back to top

  • What is the goal of the campaign?
    We have already raised $500,000 this year, prior to the formal launch of this campaign. We have already raised over $500,000 this year. We seek to raise the remainder of the goal in two phases. 1) $200,000 by the end of October, when our Fall production of Macbeth conclude. 2) $300,000 by January 31, 2013.  back to top

  • $1 million is a big number. How does that amount compare to what you have raised in the past?
    Actually, it's a modest increase over what we raised last year and in previous years before that.  back to top

  • Why is January 31, 2013 the deadline?
    As we looked at our activities this year and next, that date was the natural deadline. Also, some donors will prefer to give their gifts in the new year.  back to top

  • Is this your first annual campaign?
    No, but we have intentionally raised the profile of the campaign, including announcing a target goal and deadline for the first time.  back to top

  • But wasn't last year's "Save Georgia Shakespeare" campaign supposed to save the theater or fix the problem?
    The "Save Georgia Shakespeare" campaign was a special, one-time effort to rescue us from an emergency situation and was the first and only campaign of its kind in the company's 27-year history. It fulfilled it stated purpose by stabilizing our company and enabling us move forward. Our Annual Giving Campaign is our normal annual effort to secure support that accounts for roughly 60% of our annual budget. It is normal part of our yearly activities and plays a similar role to the annual campaigns run by most non-profits. We have not asked for contributions since the "Save" campaign, and this is our first request in 2012.  back to top

  • Did the "Save" campaign succeed? What happened to the "Save" money?
    Yes, we exceeded our goal, and the campaign did exactly what we said it would do. It stabilized our finances to the point where we could move forward. It did that by funding our Fall production and ongoing operations and by greatly reducing our outstanding payables and debt.  back to top

  • Is this new campaign another rescue or bail out?
    No. Our finances remain tight as we work through the first year of our turn-around, but our Annual Giving Campaign is our normal annual effort to secure support that accounts for roughly 60% of our annual budget. It is a regular part of our yearly activities and plays a similar role to the annual campaigns run by most non-profits.  back to top

  • Are you now healthy?
    The "Save" campaign stabilized our company, but we must continue to take critical steps forward in 2012. Succeeding with our 2012 Annual Giving campaign is a critical component of that progress.  back to top

  • What will the money be used for? If I donate, how will my money be used?
    The support will be used to fund our regular expenses, including our artistic productions, education work and normal operating activities.  back to top

  • How do you plan to raise the money still needed to reach $1 million?
    By reaching out to existing supporters, as well as engaging with potential new supporters.  back to top

  • I made a donation last year, and then also helped with the "Save" campaign. Why should I donate again?
    We are deeply thankful for both gifts. Please know the "Save" gift was a one-time, emergency exception for which we are grateful. But we depend on annual gifts as a normal part of our income, and we hope that we can count on your ongoing support for 2012.  back to top

  • What are you doing to ensure a sound business model moving forward?
    During the "Save" campaign, the Board developed a short-term business strategy designed to move GS to profitability, including hiring a Managing Director to lead the business operations, a role that had been vacant for nearly four years. As we work hard to execute that short-term strategy, we have begun the important process of developing a long-term business strategy designed to transform GS into a healthy, sustainable organization.  back to top

  • Who is leading the turn-around process?
    It is being led by new Managing Director Lauren Morris and founder and Producing Artistic Director Richard Garner, with the full support of the Board of Trustees, co-chaired by Ashley Preisinger and Paul Pendergrass.  back to top

  • Will Georgia Shakespeare have a 2013 season?
    Here's our 2013 line-up: May 1-5, 2013 - Shakespeare in the Park - Much Ado About Nothing. We are taking even bigger steps this year to transform this springtime outdoor production into one of the signature cultural events in Atlanta. June 21-July 21, 2013 - Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman Yes, the pool is coming back! And with it comes the most critically acclaimed and best attended production in our history. June 29 - July 20, 2013 - Mighty Myths & Legends This World Premiere Family Classic production will take place in and around the Metamorphoses pool and will bring to life for chilren of all ages some of the best loved myths of all time. October 4-27, 2013 - Hamlet The greatest play in the English language We are optimistic about what 2013 holds for us. We are also looking forward to what promises to be a compelling and dynamic production of Macbeth in October.  back to top

  • You moved/expanded your "Shake at the Lake" to a bigger spot and called it "Shakespeare in the Park." Wasn't it risky to expand? Did it succeed?
    "Shakespeare in the Park" actually turned a small profit, despite unseasonably cold, rainy weather. In fact, it attracted the largest single audience ever to witness a Georgia Shakespeare production. The new space was a hit with those who attended, and we expect the event to be even more successful next year.  back to top

  • How can I help?
    If you have not yet contributed to our campaign, please donate online, over the phone at 404.504.3405, or by mail. And you can also share our message with others who might want to show their support for Georgia Shakespeare. THANK YOU!  back to top

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