2013 Season
 2013 Season FAQs 
  • Your 2013 Season is different from past years. Why?
    Coming out of our successful "Save Georgia Shakespeare" campaign, we acknowledged that our operating model had been strained for some time, and we committed to taking actions that would help us move to a truly sustainable model over multiple years. The 2013 programming is a major step in that process.  back to top

  • Why is it smaller?
    To re-establish a truly strong financial base, we felt it was important to focus our resources on programs that would (a) provide us with a real opportunity to establish financial strength, (b) establish a strong base of programming with strong future growth potential, and (c) deliver maximum artistic impact on Atlanta, given our current resources.  back to top

  • Will it stay smaller permanently?
    Ultimately, we intend to grow larger than we have been. But it is important that we first establish a strong financial base by concentrating on a focused set of high-potential productions.  back to top

  • Has your mission changed?
    No. In fact, we're more committed to our mission than ever. The changes we are making are designed to help us fulfill that mission in a more sustainable way.  back to top

  • Are you in trouble again?
    No. But as we said, our existing operating model has been strained for some time, and it's critical for us to make changes to ensure our long-term sustainability.  back to top

  • Are you saying the rotating repertory format doesn't work?
    No. But it has been increasingly difficult to effectively market and produce four shows in an extremely short time period in the summer.  back to top

  • Will you ever return to the rotating repertory format?
    It's a possibility, but only from a position of strength and in a sustainable format.  back to top

  • Why do you believe Shakespeare in the Park will be a bigger part of your future?
    Four reasons: 1. We've always experienced strong demand for "Shake at the Lake," even though we never pursued it as a priority. 2. Our experiment last year with selling tickets for the first time revealed that Atlantans are indeed ready and willing to pay for access to a great outdoor theater experience. Consequently, we believe that Shakespeare in the Park not only gives us a major opportunity to expand our cultural impact, but also to strengthen our operating model. 3. Other cities comparable to Atlanta have experienced success with a wide variety of models. 4. We believe there is substantial potential in "taking Shakespeare to where people are," and we see Shakespeare in the Park as the cornerstone of our efforts to build the capability to do that.  back to top

  • What about your educational programming?
    We will focus on our core educational programs this year while paring down some other programs to allow us time for extensive evaluation of our entire educational offerings. We will continue a strong presence in the schools with workshops and residencies, and we will continue our classes and summer camps. Just as with our mainstage programming, we expect to grow our educational programming beyond what it currently is, but will do so in a careful and deliberate manner.  back to top

  • Are you making staff changes?
    We are adjusting some positions to seasonal contracts and refocusing some others on increasing our revenue generation.  back to top

  • How will the changes affect your budget?
    We're still finalizing the details, but it will be approximately 30% smaller than our 2012 budget. Importantly, our cash flow demands will be more evenly spread across the year.  back to top

  • Will the changes affect your status in the League of Resident Theatres (LORT)?
    No.  back to top

  • What does this mean for your Associate Artists?
    While there will be fewer productions in 2013, we believe we are taking the steps that are essential to our ability to provide a reliable long-term home for our artistic associates. In the meantime, we plan to demonstrate great loyalty to our artistic associates with 2013 productions.  back to top

  • What about your patrons who have loyally attended all of your festival shows for years?
    We are grateful for their loyalty, and we are asking for their continued support as we work through this important transition.  back to top

  • How will you package subscriptions?
    We're still working on the details, but we will likely have multiple packages, including one that comprises all four shows.  back to top

  • How is your 2012 Annual Fund Campaign going?
    We are currently on track toward our overall goal of raising $1 million by January 31, 2013. Most recently, we achieved our immediate goal of raising $450,000 by the end of our summer season. Our next immediate goal is to hit $650,000 by October 31, when our fall production of Macbeth concludes.  back to top

  • Is the demand for Shakespeare and other classical theater dying?
    No. In fact, around the world, Shakespeare has been experiencing a resurgence over the past five years. We believe there is tremendous potential for our artistic work, which is focused on presenting timeless stories in ways that are compelling today.  back to top

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