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 The Emperor and the Nightingale Photos 
The Emperor and the Nightingale Photo Credits
Photos by Bill DeLoach Photography.

1. The Music Master (Seth Langer, left) sings to the ailing Emperor (Terrance Jackson) about China’s upcoming New Year’s Celebration.

2. The cast of The Emperor and the Nightingale.

3. The Music Master (Seth Langer, from left) talks to the Emperor (Terrance Jackson) about his precious Nightingale (Ann Marie Gideon) as members of his royal court (Anna Kimmell, Elizabeth Beesley) admire her.

4. Young village girl Mei (Claire Rigsby, left) is saddened as she watches the Nightingale (Ann Marie Gideon (on right in front) held captive by members of China’s royal court (Anna Kimmell, Elizabeth Beesley and Stephen Shore).

5. China’s Music Master (Seth Langer, left) lies exhausted after a trying practice with The Imperial Choir (Caleb Clark).

6. Young village girl Mei (Claire Rigsby, from left) performs a dance with the Nightingale (Ann Marie Gideon) for the ailing Emperor (Terrance Jackson).

7: The Nightingale (Ann Marie Gideon, from left) tries her best to perform a duet for the Emperor (Terrance Jackson) with the Jade Bird (Anna Kimmell) as a member of the royal court (Stephen Shore) looks on.

8. The Music Master (Seth Langer, from left) sings to the ailing Emperor (Terrance Jackson) and a member of the royal court (Stephen Shore) about China’s upcoming Lantern Festival.

9. Mei (Claire Rigsby, from left), her grandmother Po Levonne (Elizabeth Beesley) and her brother Chung (Stephen Shore) prepare to light a fu to ask heaven to grant their wishes.

10. Young village girl Mei (Claire Rigsby, from left) and the Nightingale (Ann Marie Gideon) return to China’s royal palace to save the Emperor (Terrance Jackson) and help him sing at the New Year’s Celebration.

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