The Importance of Being Earnest Photos 
The Importance of Being Earnest Photo Credits
Photos by Bill DeLoach Photography.

1. Algernon (Caleb Clark, left) meets Miss Cecily Cardew (Ann Marie Gideon) for the first time.

2. Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon, center) encourages Algernon (Caleb Clark, left) and her guardian Jack (Joe Knezevich, right) to make amends.

3. Gwendolyn (Courtney Patterson, left) meets Miss Cecily Cardew (Ann Marie Gideon), who also believes that she’s engaged to a fellow named Ernest.

4. Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon, from left) and Gwendolyn (Courtney Patterson) discover that Jack (Joe Knezevich) has been deceiving them both about a fellow named Ernest.

5. Jack (Joe Knezevich, left) argues with his friend Algernon (Caleb Clark) about both of their deceptions.

6. Gwendolyn (Courtney Patterson, left) and Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon) wonder what other tricks their fiancés might be up to.

7. Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon, from left) and her fiancé Algernon (Caleb Clark) listen intently as Lady Bracknell (Mark Cabus) speaks about ideal marriage material as her daughter Gwendolyn (Courtney Patterson) looks on.

8. Lady Bracknell (Mark Cabus, left) tells Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon) to point her chin as she examines whether Cecily is a worthy match for her nephew.

9. Jack (Joe Knezevich, center) discovers his true identity in the presence of Lady Bracknell (Mark Cabus, from left), Miss Prism (Marianne Fraulo), Algernon (Caleb Clark) and Cecily (Ann Marie Gideon).

10. Gwendolyn (Courtney Patterson, left) explains to Jack (Joe Knezevich) that she couldn’t possibly marry a man who wasn’t named Ernest.

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